Uses for High Alumina Insulation Brick

High-temperature applications require a special type of building material. For furnaces, kilns and other types of high-temperature facilities, high alumina insulation brick is often used because of its ability to withstand thousands of degrees F.

These bricks are used in refractories for the same reasons. If you have an application needing a material that must resist high temperatures trust using a high alumina brick to insulate the inside of the kiln, furnace or oven.

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What are these bricks composed of? Different products will contain a different mix of materials. Generally, they are composed of bauxite. This naturally occurring material has aluminum hydroxide in it. This gets roasted and becomes the silica-alumina that forms the material for the bricks.

The bricks are not only heat resistant, they are also resistant to corrosion and chemicals. They can be used in everyday applications like pizza ovens. In addition, these bricks are excellent for building refractories.

Purchasing these bricks requires some experience. There are plenty of places to buy them including manufacturer sources online. This is a good place to start shopping for the right alumina bricks for your project, but you need to take good care to find reputable manufacturers.

The best manufacturers will list all the specifications and heat-resistance temperatures and other details right on their websites. You should also be able to view details such as the exact bulk density and crushing strength when the brick materials are cool.

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Good manufactures also post photographs of the bricks. If you can view videos of them being used in various applications, this can be helpful. It will guide you to choosing the type of high-alumina insulation brick you need for your purposes.

There are many uses for these insulating bricks. Shop carefully using the resources available to you online.

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