Carbon Brick

Carbon Brick is neutral refractory products with high temperature resistance, which is made from carbon as the main raw material mixed proper amount binding agent and is mainly used in the field of metallurgical industry as the protection refractory materials for furnace bottom and hearth.

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Description for Carbon Brick

Raw materials of carbon brick include anthracite, coke and graphite and binding agent of pitch, tar and carbolineum and etc. Low volatile component and dense structure of anthracitic as the aggregate of carbon brick production mix metallurgical coke and metallurgical coke of pitch.

Ingredient of Carbon Block take the calcinated granulated anthracite as the aggregate, of which particle size based on the product size that large brick is 8~12mm and small brick is 4~6mm.

For the amount of anthracite coal is about 60%. Adding coke powder, of which about 70% content’s particle size is less than 88 microns. Generally, add 15-20% content of binding agent for Carbon brick of blast furnace.

In order to prevent oxidation, adobe in firing generally takes coke blacking or pulverized coal as the protection filler.

Sintering temperature is 1300 ~ 1450 ℃, soaking time is about 20 hours, the total sintering time is about 240 ~ 420 hours, the cooling temperature is down to 40 ~ 60 ℃ when ready to out from kiln. Carbon brick out from the kiln with the high-temperature is easy to burst into flames.

Cheap Carbon Bricks For Sale in Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Manufacture
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Properties of Carbon Brick

Good thermal stability.
Low thermal coefficient of expansion.
High temperature resistance.
Resistance to acidic erosion.
Resistance to alkali erosion.
Resistance to salt erosion.
Resistance to organic solvent erosion.

Application for Carbon Brick

Carbon brick is widely used in the field of metallurgical industry, which can be used as the protection refractory materials for furnace bottom and hearth. Carbon bricks can also be used for aluminium cell, for pickling bath and plating bath in the field of electroplating industry, for dissolving tank in the field of paper manufacturing industry, for reactive tank and storage tank in the field of chemical industry and for autoclave in the field of petrochemical industry.

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Technical Index

Carbon Brick
Item Unit Index
Ash content                              < % 8
Compression strength                      ≤ MPa 35
True porosity                             ≤ % 20
Volume density                            ≥ g/cm2 1.50
Alkali resistance grade LC
Fixed carbon                              ≥ % 90
Heat conductivity coefficient(900℃)        ≥ W/(m·K) 5.0
Cheap Carbon Block For Sale in Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Manufacture
Carbon Block
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Production Process

Production process of carbon brick is similar to other refractory brick, but the oxidation under the high temperature must be prevented. The calcinations of raw materials and sintering of products must be conducted under the reducing atmosphere.

Calcine anthracite before use to exclude volatiles, sulfur content and moisture and improve volume stability, mechanical strength and inoxidizability. Drying coke to prevent the molding problem caused from much moisture and cracks in the firing process. Fuse and dehydrate pitch to lower moisture less than 0.2% and keep the temperature between 120~160℃。

Corporation Advantages

Rongsheng has over 20 years’ history in production of carbon bricks, which is a member enterprise of China Henan Refractory Industry Association. Since the restructuring in the years of 1992, we have kept long time technical cooperation with metallurgy department that we have a strong technical force, advanced production process, good machine equipment and complete check methods.

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